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By purchasing or downloading products from you agree to abide by the Terms of Use, Copyright Policy and Licensing Agreement.


Copyrights to all designs remain the property of NRC Design Studio at SVG designs are licensed to you for personal and small business commercial use. Other products listed for sale on our website are for personal use only (ex: printables, planner stickers...).


SVG design files are not available for resale or redistribution. Customers may use design files to create physical products for personal and small business commercial use. Mass production is not permitted under our standard license agreement. For commercial use that includes over 200 items produced, please contact us for a mass production agreement. 

You are authorized to:

  • Use these designs in part or in whole for your personal or commercial projects.
  • Alter design elements, re-size, subtract and add them to design your own personal and commercial projects.

You are NOT authorized to:

  • Share, copy, resell, distribute our design files in its original digital format AS IS or ALTERED in any way (digitized embroidery designs are also not allowed).
  • Use them on website pages without protecting the image from being copied.
  • Upload our products to any file sharing websites for any purpose.
  • Use these designs for any harmful, pornographic, racial or offensive material.

How to give credit: (Not required but greatly appreciated.)

Crediting the designer
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Due to the nature of our products, returns are not accepted. Please know that your complete satisfaction is our top priority. 

If you have any questions about our policy, agreement or your purchase please contact us.
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